Ipas Games focuses on software development for Virtual Reality applications, such as serious gaming and entertainment games.


The expertise of Ipas Games is to create realistic environments with maximum interactivity, with a focus on human interaction. This offers totally new opportunities in the field of simulation oriented learning. This new technique offers such a high level of reality that the user experience is unrivaled .


Ipas Games can be a partner in projects in which Virtual Reality applications play a role. Mark van der Velde , founder of Ipas Games, is a game developer and also an experienced project manager.


We build our games and project in Unreal Engine 4.


We have our own motion capture processes using the Perception Neuron mocap technologies..


Ipas Games is currently developing a game experience called 'Be with her’ . This game simulates being together with another individual. The central part of the game is building a relationship with this virtual partner. The game is set in a fully interactive environment.


IVR Simulations for lonely eldery people

In September 2017 Ipas started a feasibility study on the application of 3D simulations in the care for lonely elderly people. We investigate whether there is a market and a need for an innovative way of reducing feelings of loneliness and enhancing wellbeing. Our hypothesis is first of all that the experience of a warm virtual friend helps the elderly to feel less lonely. And secondly that the setting of the simulation will play a significant role in creating feelings of wellbeing. Experience so far shows that elderly people enjoy tremendously the opportunities that VR offers. An innovation subsidy has now been granted to this project by SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord Noord Nederland