Virtual Reality with a focus on human interaction

VR is transforming the way we perceive the role of simulations and (serious) games. There is an increasing demand for visual experiences that facilitate interaction and immersion. We believe in the power of simulated human interaction to create lifelike experiences. There’s nothing quite like wandering through an interactive environment and getting attention of a realistic human character. It offers all kinds of possibilities to learn, to enhance wellbeing, to practice skills. Our virtual reality production team loves nothing more than developing new interactive ways to help connect your audience, students, colleagues, clients or patients with the goals you have.


Be With Her

Ipas Games is currently developing a game named 'Be with her’. This game is about being together with a virtual individual and the development of friendship. It’s all up to you what you want to experience and how the relationship develops itself. The game is set in a fully interactive environment. You are free to interact or just be there. The story unfolds in reaction to your actions and the choices that you make.

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VR for lonely elderly

In September 2017 Ipas started a feasibility study on the application of 3D simulations in the care for lonely elderly people. We investigate whether there is a market and a need for an innovative way of reducing feelings of loneliness and enhancing wellbeing. Our hypothesis is first of all that the experience of a warm virtual friend helps the elderly to feel less lonely. And secondly that the setting of the simulation will play a significant role in creating feelings of wellbeing. Experience so far shows that elderly people enjoy tremendously the opportunities that VR offers. An innovation subsidy has now been granted to this project by SNN (Samenwerkingsverband Noord Noord Nederland


Ipas story builder

Simulating human behavior in VR requires a system that can handle a high degree of complexity. A human being moves his body, face, talks, watches and reacts. A virtual person must be able to handle the same complex mobility and interaction if a sense of reality is to be created. This means that audio, animation, interaction and the story must be brought together in a well-organized system. Ipas Games has developed Story builder for this purpose. Story builder is a flow chart in the form of a metro line that controls all data of the virtual character. The data is collected, checked by the system and plotted as a flow in the metro line. Then this data is imported into Unreal Engine 4, where it controls the VR character. The result is an interactive VR experience that comes close to experiencing artificial intelligence.


Motion Capture

A natural animation of the characters is an essential part in an convincing experience. We have our own motion capture workflow workflow te create animation from recording human motion. This is a full body capturing of all the bone including the hands and fingers. The recording of speech and facial capturing is doen in our recording studio